Takaroa Travel & Consultancy

Takaroa is the name the Maori on the South Island of New Zealand give to the god of lakes, rivers and sea.

Everything revolves around water, without water there is no life. Without oceans Columbus would not have discovered America and the Maori would not have set foot in New Zealand. Without rivers Dr Livingstone would not have searched for the source of the Nile, the Batavians would not have sailed the Rhine and today there would not have been millions of people taking a cruise.

Taking a cruise has become one of the most popular ways of travel in recent years. It offers guests the opportunity to discover the world in a comfortable and luxurious way. Not only more and more people are going on a sea or river cruise for the first time. There are also more and more people who make or have made multiple cruises. The cruise sector realizes that they too must contribute to spreading tourism and making the product more sustainable. Therefore there is a constant demand for new destinations and new products.